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Klein Bottle's Inspiration

The work does not see any brush strokes, and the fluidity gives a dynamic illusion. The background is mysterious and empty, interspersed with the foreground. A sense of boundless space. The entire picture has no intentional composition. The "virtual image space dominated by the feeling", although the picture has a large area of ​​dark parts, has no sense of oppression, and the inexplicable tension even attracts viewers to desire to wander in the painting. This indescribable infectivity found an accurate interpretation in Li Xuan's writing notes: "Painting is the soul of the whole world in two dimensions. If the picture has a three-dimensional, four-dimensional rhythmic beating operation. You have to and The pulse resonance of nature should cultivate a sense of the wholeness of the world's rapidly changing world, showing that their relationship is accurate and reasonable, not similar or duplicated. “ Chinese Contemporary Ink painting on rice paper




Ink, Paper





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