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You can display your artwork here on our website. Send us your work, we'll have a look and contact you as soon as we have good news.

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Welcome to FEIART

We empower interior designers with a seamless flow of well-organized artwork or decoration pieces to complement their designs.

From pop art prints to hand-crafted sculptures, our online gallery has a myriad of mediums and movements to meet your needs.

Explore our vast collection and buy works from iconic and upcoming artists. Be inspired by artworks and come up with new ideas based on items you see in our gallery. Make fuss-free purchases of your favorite pieces and support budding artists that are brimming with talent and new to the local scene.

Take advantage of our advanced filtering capabilities to save time and find exactly what you need for your next interior design project. Alternatively, get in touch with our curatorial team for one-to-one support.

Uncertain whether a particular piece of art will fit within your design? We will provide the pictures of the artworks to your email so you can include it in your render.